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Bavarian Falls Park

The wildlife museum features a
wide variety of animals, habitats,
and activities.  The animals range
in size from a 6 inch long Least
Weasel to an 11 foot tall standing
Polar Bear!  Each display has a
hand-painted background and
depicts the animal's natural
habitat and normal activities. 
Some displays also have the
sounds of the animal; hear the midnight howling of a pack of Wolves and the
gobbling of the Wild Turkey.  Have you ever seen a Bobcat and Coyote
fighting over an injured Grouse, or seen a baby Moose?  Well, you will see
these scenes and many more as you take the self-guided tour through this cave-
like museum.  There are also activity sheets and scavenger hunts designed for
various ages to enhance the educational experience. 

   Also, inside the museum you will find:

  • Over 60 Wildlife Displays (including Moose, Elk, Wolves, Owls,
    Whitetail Deer, Cougar, Black Bear, Alaskan Brown Bear, Coyotes,
    Bobcat, Lynx and many other North American animals)
  • The Wildlife Theater
  • The Hands-on Learning Center
  • Two Projected Image Displays of Joseph Bailly.*       

* Joseph Bailly was one of the first fur trappers to venture into the
   Michigan area (in the early 1800's).

Museum Admission:                Adults                                    $7.00

                                            Children (5-13 yrs)                  $4.50

                                            Under 4 yrs old                        FREE   

                                            Senior Citizens (62 or older)    $6.50

  Mini-Museum Tour