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          Gray Wolf or Timber Wolf

                    (Canis Lupus)

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 2.5 - 3.5 ft.

DIET: Beaver, rabbit, squirrel and even mice. Occasionally young or
sick deer and moose are taken.

AVERAGE LENGTH: 3.6 - 5.2 ft.

AVERAGE WEIGHT: 77 - 143 lbs.

The Gray Wolf lives in a rigid social hierarchy pack consisting of 5-9 adult
animals led by one very dominant male. The others sort themselves out as
well, one more assertive over the next, who in turn is more so than the
next, and so on down the line. The females also have their own hierarchy,
with the mate of the most dominant male at the top; however all females
are subordinate to all males.

Wolves mate for life and the most dominant pair are often the only pack
members to breed. In late April or May, 5-7 young pups are born with
closed eyes and floppy ears weighing about 1 lb. After 11-15 days the eyes
open and at 6-8 weeks the pups are completely weaned. All pack members
help in raising the pups, either providing food to the mother while she
feeds her young or to “babysit” while the parents hunt their own food.
Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has reintroduced the Grey
Wolf to the upper peninsula and has been very successful.  The upper
peninsula is now home to over 30 packs of wolves.  Although at one time
the Gray Wolf lived throughout the entire Great Lakes region, it is now
found mainly in the far northern regions of Ontario, Minnesota and